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Atelier 1925

Brief 1925 atelier website was designed to present atelier and sell art-deco products.

My role Working individually to evaluate usability of the site.

Actions First step was to get to know the company, it’s goals, owners vision and expectations, also purchasing process in the company was crucial. Google Analytics reports evaluation gave me little information about today web usage according to low visibility of the page. I’ve conducted an expert analyse of the appearance, information architecture, functionality and navigation. Rough SEO analyse. 

Main identified issues Unclear page purpose. Main page consisted of art deco furniture pictures and inspirational articles. At first impression visitor didn’t get an information about page purpose, it was not clear that the company produces and sell art deco products. Sections names were misleading. Purchasing process was not defined. Product prices were revealed after mail request. Page also demanded navigation improvements, especially on mobile version due to hover over functionality. Not defined keywords, unused in page titles. To long page load time