Galantegames studio creation

Project in a co-owned company.
In Galante we create mobile apps for curious kids


y role 
I was responsible for the design and development.
It included web page design. Mobile games design. Icon designs.
Also consulting concepts of games, cooperation with coders and graphic designers and testing apps with kids.

App icon design

Defined principles

Memorable and meaningful app icon can have a great impact on the success of an app. In the case of kids game icons, it should be inviting for both, parents at first impression and noticeable for kids when looking for an installed app.

As our research had shown top apps for kids have faces and eyes on their icons, as to be more friendly.

Good icon should be easy to recognise and consistent with the app.  Good designed icon tells what the game is about, this way it is more memorable, too.

From the technical point of view, the most important aspect of an icon is scalability. Icons are shown in few places on the platform and should scale form 1024×1024 px down to 60×60 px on iPhone Home Screen.

Website design

Game design