Web design

Droneradar is an aeronautical software company that creates UTM solution.
Next to mobile application for drone pilots, API for partners was developed. During company development authorities become important business partners of the service.

My role
Working with stakeholders to define consistent company web page graphics and ux sample writing. Cooperation with coder during development stage.

A ctions
Interview with stakeholders to understand solutions, business goals and development of the company.
Competition analyse.
Google analytics analyse.

Page not updated to the current business development path.

Different layout and design styles of the page subpages and sections lead to inconsistency impression.
Inconsistency in design resulted also in mixed navigation patterns starting form hamburger menus through top navigation menu to the sidebar menu.
Long text often difficult with a lot of abbreviations resulted in drop-offs.

Please take a tour going through an interactive mockup.

Mockup site let me define proper user flow and proposition of the content.

Next step was to define look and feel of the website.
Scanning through different new technology websites with the client resulted in definition of aesthetic and information design style.