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The question is, how to design age -appropriate game experience for kids all ages.


When it comes to toddlers you need to create experiences that match their  specific cognitive, physical and emotional skills. Toddlers tend to click on everything they are natural explorers so when you want to evoke specific action, be clear about it, ex make the item focus kids attention.

Kids are also very easily distracted so remember not to make the game to overwhelmed.

Toddlers are in the process of developing their fine motor skills. When designing for them, keep movements simple and easy to grasp. Game designed for toddlers should allow for simple tapping or swiping, but stay clear for more demanding gestures.


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Preschoolers easily redirects their attention when the task is to hard or to long. That’s why keep tasks short and rewarding to make pre-schoolers engaged and entertained. 


Kids this age are more social but still love to imitate adults. The focus changes and they want to interact doesn’t matter if the interaction is faked or real, as long as the pre-schooler’s empathy and need for nurture are supported. So have this in mind and aim for “social” interactiveness.

Preschoolers like playing they can follow rules for some time but they need also some space for imagination and free play. Having this in mind propose a compromise between strict rules and entertaining activities. Make use of w fact that pre-schoolers did not developed yet a detector for learning process.