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NGO jubilee website

BriefIn 2021, the Rodzić po Human Foundation celebrated its 25th anniversary.It was an opportunity for them, to look at the changes they initiated and to sum up achievements. This gave us an occasion to define and develop foundation's jubilee website. My roleWorking...

NGO website – Rodzić po ludzku

“Rodzić po ludzku” Childbirth with Dignity Foundation is a non governmental organisation with a mission to stand for women during childbirth and early stage of their motherhood. My role was to update existing company web page graphics and ux sample writing according to NGOs needs.

Hop House by Hilton logo design

Hop House by Hilton Brand Book design.

Interior designer website

Interior designer website My roleImplementation of a interior designers website, with a priority to present offer and realizations. PRZEJDŹ DO STRONY QOLIBRODESIGNS.PL  
Atelier 1925

Atelier 1925

Atelier 1925 Brief 1925 atelier website was designed to present atelier and sell art-deco products. My role Working...

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